Who Are Waste Compare UK?

Waste Compare UK is the UK's first commercial and clinical waste disposal price comparison web site.

Waste Compare UK is innovative, practical, easy to use and geared towards providing businesses with an easy solution to finding the best deal to suit their commercial and clinical waste disposal needs.

How Does It Work?

Very easy actually; just complete our online form and we'll instantly submit your details to our extensive list of suppliers. We currently hold both clinical and commercial waste suppliers on our approved lists, with coverage increasing all the time as we add suppliers. Waste Compare UK will filter through our expanding list of waste disposal experts to find the best deal suited to your needs; once the system has found the best prices you can then view and compare them on the results page. The service is completely free.

What are we doing with your details?

We take your requirements and match them to suppliers in your area. We don't just use major national suppliers; we also compare against local suppliers and local authorities to ensure you get the best deal. Your details are emailed to your chosen supplier, along with an email to yourself, and they will contact you directly to discuss your requirements in detail. Waste Compare UK will contact you occasionally with news and offers relating to Waste Compare UK but we will never share your details with third parties without your consent. You can unsubscribe from our communications using the link in the email.


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